Luxury Car Rentals : Keep an eye on Invisible Fees

Whenever you stumbled upon a luxury car hire deal which seems simply out from the world, think twice before availing it. Even when the announced price is low, you may end up paying more due to the various hidden charges. There are lots of luxury car rental companies who don’t reveal these charges for their customers and the last bill can often be surprising. Below are some hidden charges you’ll need to keep yourself updated of when you hire a luxury car.

>Sales tax

The rates advertised by a rental company could exclude taxes. Thus, anticipate to pay additional fees towards sales tax. The quantum of tax varies in line with the country or state where you would be hiring your luxury car. Sales tax often ranges between 10 to 25 percent. Taxes can not be avoided. Ferrari Rent Dubai But still, you would not be astonished about it once you clearly ask your rental agent whether the hiring rates they’ve announced are exclusive or inclusive of taxes.

>Airport fees

In the event that you hire a rental car company at the airport, you may need to pay additional airport fees. The fees usually cover customer facility rates, drop off and grab charges and discount recovery fees. You can avert the airport fees once you hire a luxury car from a rental agency that will be not associated to the airport in just about any way.

>Rental insurance

Car insurance is normally not covered within the rental charges. The commonest insurance coverage levied while hiring a luxury car rental is accidental damage. By paying more towards insurance, you might evade financial troubles if the car gets damaged. You can even avoid paying more for insurance, in case you personal indemnity cover you whether or not you’re traveling in a hired vehicle.


Clear out fuel or gas difficulties with the rental agency ahead of hiring a vehicle. Sometime you may be required to pay extra charges if you return the automobile with a vacant fuel tank. If the need arises, refill the fuel tank when you return the car to your rental agency.

>Underage driver charges

Though some companies won’t discrete cars to drivers who are below 25 years, many others would not rent their vehicles to those under 21. These often come at a supplementary cost. Besides, several luxury car rental agencies insist on an international license while renting an automobile outside the united states where your driving license was issued.

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