Calories Make you Fat True or False

Are Calories Misunderstood?

With all the calorie counting going on today, many people are under the mistaken impression that calories alone, make you fat. It is true, too many unhealthy calories can make you fat. turmeric coq10 On the other hand, adequate healthy calories can make you lean and trim.

Why Are Calories So Misunderstood?

We are constantly bombarded with information about calorie content. This food has x number of calories. That food has this many calories. We are led to believe that if we exceed x number of calories, we will get fat. Truth is, all calories were not created equal. Calories consumed from healthy foods are quite different from calories consumed from unhealthy food.

What is a Calorie?

A calorie is a unit of measure. In simple terms, it is a measurement of the energy producing value of the food we eat.

How does Our body Use Calories?

Our body needs fuel (energy) to function, just like your car needs gasoline to fuel the engine. Calories fuel your body’s engine. Most obviously, your body needs calories for physical activity and exercise. In addition, all of your body organs and systems need energy to function.

If you fill your car with bad gasoline, it will not run efficiently. Likewise, if you fill your body with bad calories, it will not run efficiently.

How many Calories Should i Eat Each day?

The calories you consume must provide your body with all the energy required to operate your organs and body systems, and provide you with optimum health. That number of calories varies with each person, depending on body size, age, gender, sleep and stress levels, kind of food consumed, and a whole list of other factors that affect metabolism.

Is it possible to Consume Too few Calories?

Yes, it is. If you consume too few calories, you can harm your body. Too few calories can be a problem with low-calorie diets, if they are too low in calorie content, they can lead to serious health issues. One common side effect of low-calorie diets is muscle tissue breakdown, which can happen if the diet does not contain adequate healthy protein. Especially vulnerable in these instances is the heart, a muscular organ. If a person takes in an inadequate amount of protein each day, the heart muscle begins to break down, which can lead to serious cardiac problems.

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