Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas – Industry secrets

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is very large game having an amazing number of detail for the size. Criticized by many all over the world for the violent content and capability to commit just about any crime, GTA: San Andreas contains many interesting secrets not found by the common player. Below you’ll find an explanation of a few of the secrets found within the game.

Chilliad Challenge – Easy Win
One of many hardest challenges in the overall game could be the downhill pushbike races of Mount Chilliad. Normally, attacking your opponents can lead to instant disqualification gta san andreas download, however, in the event that you attack your opponents with grenades, the overall game won’t mind. By doing this it is possible to remove all competition and take your time for a straightforward win.

No Wanted Stars when Blowing Up Vehicles
If you’re in a helicopter that’s designed with a chain gun, it is possible to blow up any civilian vehicle without attracting police attention. This can be achieved even if the cops are right behind the automobile you blow up. As long as you don’t hit any pedestrians or cop cars with a stray bullet, you will not receive any police attention.

Get Out of Debt Quick
When you have gotten yourself into debt with the casinos, regardless of how far, it is possible to get your money counter back to zero very quickly. The trick to this really is to find a unique jump that you’ve not yet completed. Simply complete the jump and you will undoubtedly be rewarded for it. This can cause your money counter to reset to all zeroes and then you’re able to work on getting more money.

Infinite Money
This is a simple trick that can be achieved form the start. By paying a stop by at Inside Track Betting and betting on the horse races you can become a millionaire before the first mission. To achieve this, only bet on the horse with the worst odds with only ten percent of your total money. Continue doing this every race and quickly enough you will win a competition or two and notice a substantial escalation in your money. Odds of 12/1 will pay-out $12,000 from only a $1,000 investment. This is repeated at any stage of the overall game to get more money.

Have Your Picture Taken
To be able to have your picture taken you will require a camera and the capability to recruit one of your homies. Once you’ve recruited a homie, equip the camera and walk around your gang member. An email should appear on screen and in the event that you press L1 you will have a way to have a picture of yourself. An excellent little feature of the game.

Upgrade Weapon Skills
The easiest way to achieve hitman level with any weapon is always to constantly shoot the same tyre of a vehicle. You’ll receive one weapon skill point for every single bullet fired into the tyre, regardless of just how long you shoot the same tyre. One thousand bullets is all you will have to reach hitman status with any weapon.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has many secrets contained within its game world and to explore each and every you might take a relatively good time. Try out these secrets and see if you can discover more.

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